Who Am I?

My name is Scott Hedges and I’m a performing and recording musician and audio engineer in the Washington DC area. I’ve been doing this for longer than I’d like to admit, so I’ve picked up a few things along the way concerning playing, recording and producing. I’m available for guitar and bass recording services (and vocal work if you are brave enough), engineering (mixing / mastering), production services (including song-smithing, arranging, concept, design), and sometimes have a bunch of guitar and studio gear for sale.

I’m best known as a studio musician and the “other half” of the jazz/fusion group Postmodern Blues but I’ve got a Solo disk coming out, so stay tuned for info on release dates. Check out samples of my work to the right ->

If you are Interested in Studio Production, Mixing or Mastering, Check out more at Dragon’s Lair Studios:

Dragon’s Lair Control Room

Oh yea – I also build custom Harley-Davidson-based motorcycles so if you want to get your scoot-on, holler.

Old Springer Rebuild

Check out the tunage, pics and videos (more coming as I figure out where the hell they all are) and feel free to drop me a line or check me out on social media.

Yours Truly